Meet ZARA . . .


Jake could barely hear her when Zara whispered, “Years ago, I promised myself I’d never love anybody more than he loved me . . . And yet, here I am with you.”


He seethed and stood up. “Now that’s unfair! How can you question me like this?”


She threw him a dark look. “Don’t think you haven’t given me any reason to—”


“This is low, Zara,” he growled. “You should know how much I love you—”


Her chest ached. How she wanted to believe him. But every week since she asked him to come back, every week that he spent away from her made her wonder.


“Why does she have to call you when she knows you’re away on vacation?”




“Your boss.”


He shrugged. “I’m just moving up. She trusts me.”


“Is there somebody else?” Zara breathed. This time, she could not look at his face. Her eyes watered as she waited for his answer.


He cursed. “Don’t pit me against your exes.”


“Then why have you changed? Years ago, you said you just wanted to try working abroad. You said a couple of years was all you wanted. Why haven’t you talked about coming back?”


He shook his head and only continued to glare at her. “Did you even hear yourself just now? Do you know how hurtful your words are? You accuse me of something your mind only made up, because you let yourself feed on your regrets.”


Her palms sweated and turned cold. She braced herself for what was to come.


I can’t help it. I can’t fix this part of me . . . And the distance between us is only making it worse.


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