Meet ANNE . . .


Anne glared at her mother.


“Mom, what was with the fifty questions?” Anne interrupted the conversation as Catherine explained the latest news on the Senate’s probe into a corruption scandal.


Catherine stopped midsentence and cleared her throat. “So, I guess we’re talking about that.” She turned to her mother and smiled. “Mom?”


Priscilla sighed and looked up at her youngest daughter, who stood in front of them with a hand on her hip. “You brought him here for us to meet him. I wanted to know him better. I was giving him due attention.”


Anne rolled her eyes. “You could’ve been more pleasant.”


Priscilla shushed Anne. “Men have to endure these uncomfortable situations. It’s natural for parents of ladies to be inquisitive.”


Anne raised an eyebrow. “I don’t remember John being questioned as much.”


John shifted in his seat but remained silent. Elizabeth merely smiled at the mention of her husband and waited for Priscilla to answer the rebuttal.


Before Priscilla could say anything, Raul pulled Anne by the wrist and made her sit down on the couch. “Come here, dear. Have some cocoa. I got your favorite one.”


Anne frowned as her father slid an arm around her shoulders. “I thought we’d run out. Where’d you get this?” she asked.


Raul glanced at the cup in his hand. “Bought it at Rustan’s.”


“Dad, I told you I buy this in bulk, so I can get it cheaper,” Anne groaned.


Raul chuckled. “I just bought a few packs. Can’t I buy something for my little cuddly bear?”


Anne groaned. Elizabeth and Catherine snickered.




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