I’m coming out! I’m happy to open up about this passion I’ve been dabbling with: creative writing. It’s been a long, sometimes agonizing, journey of producing a book I’m finally comfortable sharing with the world, despite probably also subjecting myself to the scrutiny of others in the process. It almost feels like pouring my heart out onto a baking pan and sliding that into the oven, praying that the outcome will be a nice fluffy chiffon cake. So thank you for being on this mailing list and giving me a chance!


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Writing and Editing at a cafe

I started writing Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro four years ago—only two chapters were done and starring only Ms. Zara Castillo. After getting some criticism, I shelved the project. Two years later, after a baby and getting bigger balls, I was at it again, with the idea that the book will be about four ladies instead. And it won’t just be a book—it will be a series.


So here I am about to launch my first book, hoping you guys will like it—really hoping you’ll love it. And if you do find yourself liking it, you can look forward to the next four books, which will delve into each of the four women’s lives. So there’s more to come! And I hope you’ll hang out right here with me. And wait and see. And read.

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