Book Launch: Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro


Snippets from the event


On how it all started . . .


“My dad knew that I would one day write and publish.”


“Meg Cabot, Sophie Kinsella, Lisa Lutz, and Emily Griffin . . . Writers who showcase the female spirit in an enjoyable but touching, encouraging way. . . I knew I wanted to write about women.”


“And there was going to be four ladies, and you were going to love them, but at the same time you’d want to shake them by the shoulders because . . . WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?”


“I’ve just published the first book. I’m almost done with the second book, and I’m halfway through the third.”


On Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro . . .


author-talk“The book revolves around these four early-twenties ladies and tries to capture the essence of friendship—that life-saving element of friendship . . . Because friendship does save.”


“[The book] begins at this point in their lives where it’s a very trying time, especially for Jazmine. She’s gotten pregnant and her boyfriend abandons her . . . Since she moved to Manila to study and then later work as a foundation worker, she’s been providing for her family. Even for her younger sister’s education . . . Stigma of becoming pregnant before marriage. And to add to that the boyfriend deserts her. So the family shuns her.”


“Anne decides to elope with her boyfriend at Boracay. This sparks certain things with the different girls in the group . . . Jazmine’s got this overwhelming sense of responsibility for her family, having been at the poorer end of the spectrum. While Anne comes from a wealthy family, she’s the youngest, but she’s been trying so hard to attain some acknowledgement from her family–that she’s an adult, that she’s achieved something . . . These unspoken jealousies rise to the surface.”


“Zara’s a travel writer . . . Very organized, the level-headed one. She makes decisions and runs her life based on logic and reason, wants this level of control on things, while battling emotional insecurities.”


“Innocent, pure, fresh Laine who’s always there for church activities, outreaches, and environment clean ups. Who’s never had a boyfriend. This time in her life, she’s introduced to someone from her past, who might disturb this cocoon that she’s been so peacefully wrapped in.”


Why the series title . . .


book-dedicationOf Heads and Hearts . . . A lot of times, women struggle between their emotions and what their mind tells them to do.”


“These ladies have different passions in life: family, society, God, ambitions, love . . . I wanted to capture these different aspects, because these are what it means to be Filipina, I think. To have grown up in a country where there’s urbanization but there are [at the same time] traditional ways of thinking . . . A strong sense of religion . . . financial inequalities . . . Mix of Western and Asian . . . Islands of different personalities. And all this is beautiful. And to be celebrated. And to be written about.”


On what comes next after Book I . . .


“What I’m hoping to achieve in the next four books is an explosion of different settings and new characters that the [individual] ladies experience . . .”


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